Graduation Parties in the Buffalo, NY Area

Graduation Parties Buffalo, NY

Good planning is the key to a great graduation party. Follow these helpful tips from AJ’s Party Tent Rental to make sure that your grad has the time of their life!

Budget, Plan and Organize

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a date and location. At this point in time, you can afford to be flexible. Choose if you want to hold the party at your home or at another location and prepare a list of potential dates. Check them against known scheduling conflicts and, if you’re renting, make a few phone calls to ensure that your space is available.

Once you’ve got a date and time set, determine how many guests you’d like to invite. While it can be tempting to just hit “Invite All” in your address book, a graduation party is a big expense. If you’re not sure who to invite and who not to invite, come up with a ballpark number of guests and work around that.

Once you know how many people will be coming, start calling caterers, rental companies and other vendors for bids. Make a list of needs and priorities before you call so you can be sure you get the most accurate possible estimate, and choose whoever you think provides the best deal for the highest level of service.

At least three weeks before the party, start sending out invitations. Paper invitations are nice, but electronic invitations can be cheaper and just as effective.

The Lead Up

About a week before the party, start stocking up on everything you’ll need. Extra food and beverages are a must, as well as any paper products you might need. Confirm the date and time of delivery for any equipment you’re renting and pick up any extra decorations you might need.

If you can and weather permits, it’s a good idea to set up tents the day before the party. It will make setting everything else up much easier.

The Day Of

No matter how much planning you’ve done, you’ll probably feel a bit harried when you’re setting everything up the day of the party. Setting out food, cleaning up, greeting guests: it’s a lot to handle.

But once everything is in full swing, remember to take time to enjoy yourself. The party may be about your graduate, but you’ve earned the chance to kick back too.

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